Vision and Mission

        Our vision

       The company’s vision is to become trustful logistics provider in Vietnam. In order to achieve this mission we are growing up day by day to:

        a. Be the preferred Supply chain service provider

        Falp Vietnam business unit is aimed to satisfy a hungry resource customer all its logistical challenges end to end throughout the supply chain operation.

        b. Be the preferred customer of our supplier

        In order to achieve a seamless service we have to value with utmost appraisal our business partners, which is Falp Vietnam services and/or vendors, , our source of preliminary services to provide our customers the optimum level of satisfaction. We want to be the preferred priority of our customer by giving them transparent and timely services

       c. Be the preferred employer in the industry       

       We believe that the greatest asset a company could ever have, are its "Employees". Therefore we have an extensive line of trainings that will sooth one employee requirements in order to digest the pre-requisites need for them to battle ahead and face the challenges in the workplace. As well we offer industry competitive salary package, and other fringe benefits.

       Our mission statement

       To provide complete innovative logistics and supply chain solutions to deliver recognizable value in terms of cost, capacity, service and measurable profitability improvement with a strategic advantage.

       In order to improve overall company profitability and business performance it is imperative that we continually look for opportunities of improving Operational Excellence and realizing economy of scale within the business.

       We need to ensure that at all times we are delivering a value propositions for our head management in order to continue to get support for growth, i.e. through capital investment and the likes.

       At all times we must strive to maintain and better our performance by continually challenging the norms within supply chain and “Pushing the envelope of performance” whilst showing appropriate respect for ourselves and our internal and external suppliers and customers.

       We should strive to make Falp Vietnam the recognized best entity and high class services in our industry.